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Any well-developed business marketing class will teach you that businesses grow and succeed based on their relationship with their customers. Satisfied customers will be repeat customers and happy customers will refer new customers, so it's paramount for any thriving business to keep their customers happy. A key component of managing customer relationships is having the right Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software. CRM software has been designed to help businesses benefit from their customer relationships.

Through CRM software you have the ability to track each customer with an individual file. The file documents any orders they have placed as well as interaction they have had with members of your team. As your employees quickly recall a client's orders or favorite products, they can produce an up-sell by offering additional products that fit the customer's shopping habits. Also, in each individual file the software will track emails, phone calls, face-to-face meetings, faxes and other forms of communication used by your company. Employees can take notes to highlight what the customer said and refer to those notes in the future. By helping customers know that you recognize them personally, you can maintain strong relationships and devoted customers. Through strengthening clientele that you already have the best customer relationship management software will help you discover new clients through referrals from your satisfied customers